All The Ways To Listen To Red

Thanks to constantly-emerging technology, there are so many ways to listen to Red 103.1. Below are a list of all the ways we’re aware of, but if there is a technology you’re using that isn’t on this list please let us know.

  • FM Radio: No surprise! 103.1 FM on any FM radio.
  • Internet Stream: Click “listen live” at the top of
  • Smartphones & Tablets: We have apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android where you can listen to our stream from mobile devices. This is the most feature-rich experience of all the other streaming technology listed on this page. Get our Android App|Get our iOS App
  • Amazon Echo (“Alexa”): Yes, there is a Red 103.1 skill for Alexa. Get that info here.
  • Google Home: Say, “Play Red 103.1 FM on TuneIn.”
  • Sonos Smart Speaker: Sonos can be linked to your Amazon Alexa app, or you can find using the Sonos app. In TuneIn, search for Red 103.1 FM.
  • Apple HomePod: With your iPhone and HomePod connected to the same WiFi network, access the Red stream in your mobile web browser at, or by using the Red 103.1 App.
  • Any Bluetooth Speaker: If you have your mobile device connected via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth speaker, then you can simply get our stream by either touching “Listen Live” at, or within the Red 103.1 App … whichever you prefer.
  • Smart TVs: All of the major Smart TV operating systems have the TuneIn app available. Install the TuneIn app on your Smart TV, then search for Red 103.1 FM.
  • Roku: Install the TuneIn app on your Roku, then search for Red 103.1 FM.
  • Xbox One: Install the TuneIn app on your Xbox One, then search for Red 103.1 FM.